Let’s make some wine!

IMG-20180210-WA0002.jpgWhat’s better than a cold fruity glass of wine on a hot sunny day while chilling at the comfort of your home after a tiresome week full of hustle. That to me, sounds more relaxing than yoga. Truth is we all love wine and as they say, nothing could go wrong with a bottle of wine on the table!(to be honest nobody says that😄 but it seems pretty accurate)

Anyways, the good news is,you don’t have to spend a dime on that Château Lafitte or Krug bottle from the most expensive wine stores in town anymore.You can actually make your own wine at home and experience the bliss and still keep it classy!

Wanna know how?

Here’s are simple recipes you can use to make the best of Sangria wine ;both white and red,depending on your preference.

Sangria is traditionally a fruit-filled Spanish wine that is refreshing and easy to drink on a hot day especially. It is easy to make and is a huge hit at parties. Its also suitable for dates,seeing as Valentine’s around the corner, why not surprise your shawty/guy or even yourself, (I mean,we all know the importance of self love😊) while keeping it pocket- friendly.

Red Sangria Wine


8-10 servings


4 apples

4 oranges

Orange liquor

1 cup brandy

1 bottle red wine

4 cups of water


  1. Cut the oranges and apples into thin slices with the peels on a and transfer into a jug.
  2. Measure the brandy and pour it onto the fruit (you can use whiskey but I prefer brandy cause its easier on the tongue.lol)
  3. Measure the orange liquor and pour it into the jug
  4. Uncork the wine and pour it into the jug
  5. Stir the liquor,wine and fruit together
  6. Cover the jug and refrigerate overnight to bring out the soft ,sweet and delicious taste
  7. When serving, top it off with the chilled water while stirring gently to combine.


The White Sangria

The idea of using white wine is to make it more suitable for every weather. Much as the ice in red wine makes it great for hot weather, it can be a bit ‘heavy’ in the heat in itself. So most people go for white wine as it’s refreshing and a bit more classy



1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

2 oranges in wedges

2 apples in chunks

1 cup of water

1/2cup of sugar

6 cinnamon sticks

Crushed ice

Mint leaves

1 bottle of white wine(any of your choice)


  1. Heat the water,sugar and Cinnamon sticks and let simmer for about 5 mins
  2. Let this cool off and then remove sticks
  3. Chill overnight along with the wine
  4. Mix all together and serve over crushed ice to liven up the tastebuds
  5. After pouring each one of the drink,decorate with mint leaves to put a touch of class. You know,just because.


The overnight resting period for Sangria is quite important as it let’s the fruit infuse the wine to make it sweeter. As it is with every wine, the older the finer,so don’t expect the sweet fruity taste immediately you mix it. In fact,don’t even taste it. It might be a bit too harsh and you might end up discouraged. Just let it rest in the fridge for a night or so.


Also,mixing it with soda isn’t appropriate because the sweetness is best if it’s from the fruit. Soda destroys its originality.

‘A little wine is always good for the soul’



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